Lessons learned from Nancy Drew

At work, right next to my desk, I have a copy of "The Mystery of the Ivory Charm" - a Nancy Drew mystery.  It's a 1936 edition, a gift from a friend who loves to give books like this.

It means a lot to me, not simply because it was a gift.  I was one of those girls who grew up on Nancy Drew; they are fun stories, adventurous, with a gal full of moxie right in the thick of things.  And I learned a lot from that little blond detective:

1.  Dress well.  You never know what the day will bring and dressing like a lady means you'll always fit in, whether you're suddenly invited to a spontaneous dinner by a potential beau or sleuthing through an old house full of clues.  If you're wearing ratty sweat pants and an old concert t-shirt, you've seriously hampered your choices for the day.

2.  Reliable transportation is a must for every girl.  Now, I don't have a sporty little roadster to get around in, but I try to make sure my car is running well.  No sense getting stuck in the middle of nowhere on a dark and stormy night.

3.  The best way to get through life is with a few good chums.  A cute boy - well-mannered and attentive - helps too.  However, one's life doesn't need to revolve around him;  a girl has things to do, after all!

4.  It's occasionally necessary to make a scene if you're trying to prevent something bad from happening or attempting to get justice for someone.  Normally, I wouldn't suggest a lady run around yelling her head off, but sometimes, you have to!

5.  It's okay to be the smart girl.  In fact, it's downright fun to be the smart girl.

I keep this book by my desk because, some days, it can be a little tough juggling all the things I have to do.  Nancy and her mysterious ways remind me that I've got the charm, the moxie, the wardrobe and the brains to do what I need to do.

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