Winter, finally

photo by Dan Harvell

It's a bit disconcerting to live in Michigan and not have snow this time of  year.  It finally showed up, and it's beautiful!


  1. Hey... I did a random search for "Dan Harvell" and the photo you used, above, was first on the list. I'm humbled to have my photo used on this post (and thank you for the proper credit, as well!). Can you believe the weather we have been having, lately? Not sure what part of Michigan you are in, but here in Grand Haven, we have hit at least 80 for the last 2 days with another day forecast. Loving the warm weather, but it concerns me what it could mean to Michigan's economy should we experience a freeze, now that everything is in bloom.

    Take care!

    7:10 Studio Photography

  2. You're welcome! The weather is crazy, isn't it? I prefer the bolder, harsher winters myself. I'm in West MI, too and we're worried about the apple crop!

    Thanks for the lovely photo!


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