40 Days of Gratitude: Day One

I am starting this Lent with a very heavy heart.  Dark-haired daughter is not doing well;  we can't seem to get her stabilized mentally.  It's very stressful and very discouraging.  Even worse, it seems to color everything - my whole existence.  Nothing in my life seems good or right, and of course, that's very wrong.

In light of this, I am taking up my own 40 Days of Gratitude.  I'm going to post every day of Lent something specific in my life that I am grateful for. 

Today:  my children.  They are each a special gift in their own way.  They've also each been challenging in their own way.  We have, as a family, been through a lot, and it isn't always good.  It's tough living in a house with five special needs kids - some more 'special' than others.  But they are good people, and compassionate.

I will just share one proud mommy moment.  A few years ago, Youngest Son (who was in middle school at the time) came to me after school and said,  "Mom, I have to go to the funeral home tonight.  'Bobby's' mom died."  I knew his classmate's mother had been struggling with cancer, and now, she had passed away.  But we didn't know these folks, so I was a little hesitant to go to the funeral home.  Youngest Son INSISTED:  "Mom, I need to be there for 'Bobby'."  So off we went.

When Youngest Son and I got to the funeral home, we were greeted by his classmate.  Youngest Son said,  "I'm really sorry about your mom.  Are you okay?"  and 'Bobby' said he was.  Then Youngest Son said,  "I'll go look at your mom with you, up at the casket" and the two went up to see the classmate's mother.  After a few moments, 'Bobby' invited Youngest Son into a back room that had been set up for the family with snacks and drinks.  The two of them played for awhile, crawling under tables and doing what boys do.

I was rather in awe of my son.  It was a hugely compassionate thing to do, a hard thing for anyone, but for a child, it was enormous. 

My children, despite their flaws, weaknesses and challenges, are compassionate people.  And I am grateful for that.

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