40 Days of Gratitude: Day Six

Besides being extraordinarily grateful that I am Catholic, I am also grateful for not being Amish.  See, I don't do "rustic" very well.  My idea of "roughing it" is a room that is NOT next to the pool.  I can't imagine being surrounded by all of our wonderful modern conveniences like showers and refrigerators, radios and cars, and not being able to use any of them.  I would be the worst Amish person in the world....God in His great goodness knew that....


  1. I often see some of our local amish community shopping and was very taken one day while looking in the lingerie section of tkmaxx to see an amish girl looking at all the lovely lacy things , so perhaps being amish might not be what we think :-)

  2. Oh, I know that the Amish often use modern "conveniences" and such. However, they still don't have indoor plumbing - that alone would keep me from any thoughts of conversion! Ha!

  3. my granny did not have indoor plumbing, ok in summer but not winter, dont think I will convert either if I can have my half hour shower every morning, sexy underware or not


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