Crap, I'm tired....

I probably shouldn't blog with a glass of vodka next to me, but what the's been a long couple of weeks.

I'm really tired.

I'm tired of pussy-footin' around on attacks on my faith, my religious and civil liberties.

I'm tired of people who work with my daughter (teachers, social workers, etc.) that think they know more than I do because they have a bunch of letters like "MSW" behind their names.  Let me tell you:  I'm smart too, but beyond that, I am an expert in something no other person is an expert in:  my kids.  I know what is best.  You're here to help, facilitate, file paperwork, and support.  You are NOT the expert. 

I am tired of hatred and vileness and personal attacks from strangers.  I get it:  you hate me.  Move along now.

I am tired of the lack of civil discourse between intelligent people.  Play nice or go home.  Or continue your rants, furthering the proof of your lack of intelligence.  You pick.

I am tired of being compared to Job.  And being told I am courageous and/or brave.  I know you all mean well, but I have to keep doing what I do.  I am the only mom my kids have, and if I don't advocate for them, who will?  It is my job, and I'm doing it.  It's like a firefighter or cop who does his or her job.  Yeah, we wanna pat them on the back, but they picked that career, and it's their job to run into the burning building.  It's my job to be my kids' mom.  I love doing it, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

So, I'm gonna get some sleep, and get up swingin' again tomorrow.  There are fights to pick, battles to be brawled and children to be tended to.  And I'm just the girl to do it.


  1. God Bless. Drink your vodka. Get some sleep. Edith Stein is praying for you--as am I and a small army of others. All shall be well.--Ann

  2. Best post yet! I really understand the mood of the moment.
    God bless. Richard

  3. I was feeling a little overwhelmed earlier in the week, especially with the national news. But I'm getting some rest, and getting my mojo back!

  4. You know, I've struggled with people calling me "inspirational," and somehow I didn't turn that back around and realize it would seem wrong to you for me to make a similar comment. So ... sorry I didn't make that connection. Maybe I'll just say, thank you for giving us the opportunity to look in and intercede for you and yours.

  5. Judith, thanks for the comment. I think the reason I was struggling with it is that I kept hearing over and over, and it started to feel like I shouldn't/couldn't be "weak" or give in to the tears that are almost always on the surface. I HAVE to be strong, but I can cry too.


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