What constitutes "health care"?

Wow.  It's been an astounding couple of weeks.  Not only has our family's personal experience been nearly surreal, we've also been watching the two biggest life-issues stories in a long time:  the battle between how the Komen Foundation chooses to spend its money and the political clout of Planned Parenthood, and the Obama Administration's heavy-fisted pursuit of denying personal and religious liberty to certain organizations.

This is from Kishore Jayabalan at the Acton Institute:

What if Obama is actually making a principled argument that abortion, sterilization and contraception services are a fundamental aspect of women’s health that cannot and should not be denied to anyone, regardless of their own religious or individual convictions? Perhaps the White House believes, as most progressives do, that these stodgy, uptight opponents will eventually, inevitably, be overcome and we will one day wonder what all the fuss about. If so, the administration is doing much more than thinking about the next election; it’s redefining what the word “health” means to include measures that violently take away life from the most innocent and vulnerable persons, regardless of who pays for the services. This makes it much more than a religious freedom or a conscience issue and a matter of simple justice.


  1. I agree that "Abortion" is the most horrible criminal act that a human being can do because it is a crime against God Himself. We need to pray for our Government and societies who support such action with a united voice because this crime bring much disasters upon our own head. To confirm this read all King David accounts, even if he repented, he still had to bear the dreadful consequences of his action. However, we have a responsibility before God to help the women who chose to have an abortion by bring them in contact with the women who desperately want a child to help these poor women financially or adopt the child. There are no good excuses for an abortion. Even in the case of rape, the guilty person needs our help and prayer, not our condemnation, to become a better person so that he will not rape another innocent person. May God bless all who support life from His point of view. Pierrette Gagnon

  2. I heard about your blog and will pray for you all as well as those who attacked your daughter. I will also pray for those who posted evil non supportive comments as they are clearly bytheir posts against Christ thus Satanists

  3. That is precisely what they are doing. That, and bashing away at any kind of organized Judeo-Christian religion in American. Secular Fundamentalism...

    I've followed your story - sorry you are getting such a backlash. You did the absolute right thing. And, half the haters didn't even read the whole article, as they can't figure out why you didn't ask your daughter first. If she has the cognitive ability of an 8 year old, I think a major decision like that is best left to the parents. Duh.

  4. I don't find it fair that they are willing to keep help away from the ones who need it. Young adults need to have help just as much as any other human being out there.

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