Why I eat oatmeal for Lent, and hate every minute of it

I have a distinct hatred for a couple of food, and oatmeal is one of 'em (I hate hot dogs, too, just for the record).  Yet, when Lent rolls around, I stock up on the stuff.

A long time ago, I read a biography wherein the young lady who was the subject of the book ate soft-boiled eggs (which she hated) daily, as a form of sacrifice for someone.  Sort of a "back-up" to her prayers.

Then, years later, I was instructed by my spiritual advisor NOT to "give up" anything for Lent.  She directed me to other spiritual practices, but believed that I was not in any shape to renounce something at that point.  She was right.  However, I still wanted to actively do something for Lent, and remembered the young girl and the soft-boiled eggs. With that as the inspiration, I ate oatmeal every morning for breakfast during Lent, as my Lenten sacrifice. 

Lent is bearing down on us.  Have you started to prepare?  As Catholics, we usually "give up" something for Lent, but maybe you are looking for a new way to practice penance.  Maybe, instead of giving up, you add this year.  Maybe it's a food you dislike, or a chore you typically put off on another family member.  Maybe it's a charitable daily act for someone you don't like much.  The point is to make it daily, and make it without fanfare.  If you do something prayerfully, intentionally, and privately, you will see great spiritual rewards.  Even if you have to eat the oatmeal to get there.


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