Forty Days of Gratitude: Day Nine

Good priests.  I am grateful for 'em!  I have learned from many, worked for a few, and admired all.  Our current US bishops stack up among the best.  They pray over us, counsel us, laugh and weep with us.  They hold our secrets and our sins, bless us, marry us and bury us.  They stand by bedsides and coffin-sides, administer parishes and schools, run orphanages and manage dioceses.  They stand next to soldiers, the bereaved, the bewildered, the mentally ill, and anyone who needs prayer. They have charted unknown territories and lost their lives trying to save souls.  The Roman collar stands as public witness to the truth, the power, and the promise of the Gospel. Truly, they are in persona Christi, making the sacraments that sustain us possible.


  1. Hey, I stumbled onto your blog a little while ago, and I really like it. I thought (if you don't already know about it) that you might Father Z's blog.


  2. Thanks so much, Ana! I do know Fr. Z's blog, and I admire him as both writer and priest. Thanks for stopping by; I hope you become a regular here.


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