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I was inspired this morning to grab a book off my shelf on my way out the door.  Francis of Assisi: the man who found perfect joy by Michael De La Bedoyere is one of the first biographies I read of St. Francis.  I thought I might find something in there to help me as I struggled with whether or not to keep blogging.

First, let me say too, that I've been mulling over a discussion I was in Saturday morning with a group of women I am friends with, and the Franciscan Sisters who are our spiritual directors.  We were talking about social media. One of the Sisters expressed very strong opinions about how much social media has degraded our ability to communicate, and that while many people have replaced face-to-face communication with social media, it is clearly not the same, nor as good. However, we all agreed that social media is where people are at, and it offers us - especially the laity - a clear opportunity to evangelize in ways that were never possible before.

Back to the book. The author notes that Francis often entered a town by greeting folks with "Good day, good people!", despite the fact that the reception he and his brothers received was often less than warm.  And here he quotes Francis, speaking to his followers:

You will find some [people] who are true, gentle and gracious. They will gladly accept what you say. But you will find far more who are faithless, proud and blasphemous. These will mock and oppose you, and you will have to do your best.

And off Francis went, to do as God had bid him: "Rebuild my church".  I believe we are in a state of re-building today, and while I am clearly a long way off from being Francis, or Clare, it is the duty of all of us to do our part.

And this blog is my part, and so, I will have to do my best.


  1. You do a wonderful job, and I truly appreciate your witness to the faith! --- Rosemary

  2. Thanks, Rosemary. I appreciate your support and prayers. I hope to keep a new perspective in my blogging, eyes fixed on Christ.


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