Bad blogging issues

My blog got crazy-busy over the past two days, and I wasn't sure why, especially since I haven't posted that much.  So, thanks to all the Google stats that are available, I backtracked the hits to a message board where I was being raked over the coals for not giving my daughter Plan B, and folks headed over here to either bash me, or lurk around  - just to see what a horrid person I was, I guess.

This is just the sort of thing that makes me NOT want to continue blogging. I can't figure out why people who already know they aren't going to agree with me would come on over to say mean stuff to me. Would they come to my front door and say these things to my face? No, they wouldn't be that brave. And honestly, a face-to-face discussion requires more civility and you have to look another human being in the face, in the eyes and say something. And it makes it hard to say things like, "I hope you get raped too, so you know what it's like."

Yes, I know having a blog and writing about personal stuff opens you up to this. But the meanness has been over-whelming the past few months...and maybe that's what's getting me down.


  1. Quid est Veritas?April 17, 2012 at 8:04 PM

    I came over after another blog (CMR maybe?) recommended you as part of an award thing where you praise another blog. I apologize for being a lurker up until now. I hope, though I very much enjoy your blog, that you'll do whatever is best for you.

  2. Just wanted to tell you that your daughter, you and your family have been in my daily prayers since the post about your daughter.

    I do enjoy reading your blog.


  3. You and your daughter have been in my prayers, too. I hope you keep blogging, but will understand if you don't. Hugs and prayers! --- Rosemary


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