Being extravagant

Mary at the feet of Jesus/mixed media - artist unknown
Today's Gospel, from John, tells the story of Mary (some believe to be Mary Magdalene) literally throwing herself at the feet of Jesus and anointing his feet with costly perfume, wiping them with her hair.  It's a striking image.  Of course, Jesus will shortly imitate this as He washes His disciples' feet and directs them to do the same for each other.

Jesus is chided in the Gospel for allowing for such waste, and He replies that Mary is not to be disturbed.  Her action is not wasteful.

One of my sister's is a "saver".  If you give  her a gift basket with bath oils and a candle, it will sit on her shelf...possibly forever.  She's "saving it".  Of course, many of us have dishes we use only for "good", or a dress we've worn only once to a special occasion.  We don't want to risk the extravagance.


Why isn't today good enough?  Why isn't our family worth the good dishes, or our husband worthy of that special dress and a lovely dinner?  What exactly are we waiting for?

I know this isn't the most theological explanation of the Gospel, but think of it this way.  There is someone in your life who is worth a bit of extravagance today.  Maybe it's just playing Chutes and Ladders with the little one.  Maybe it's a card to cheer a co-worker, or an email to an old friend.  Pick up the phone and call that elderly relative or take a plate of cookies to the lonely old man down the street.  Those folks....we won't always have them with us.

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