"Look at us"

The first reading today,  Acts 3:1-10, is a miracle story.  Peter and John meet a cripple and heal him in the name of Christ.

But Peter looked intently at him, as did John,
and said, "Look at us."
He paid attention to them, expecting to receive something from them.
Peter said, "I have neither silver nor gold,
but what I do have I give you:
in the name of Jesus Christ the Nazorean, rise and walk."

This really caught my attention.  Peter and John look INTENTLY at the man, and say "LOOK AT US".

How often do we miss this opportunity in our lives?  We rush past people, hardly noticing.  We prefer people don't look at us - just give me what I need and leave me alone.  And so, we miss opportunities to heal.  I'm not saying that we have the ability to make cripples walk, but unless we really SEE someone, how do we know what to pray for?

And then, there is the second part:  "LOOK AT US".  When someone looks at us, do they see Christ?  Do they see someone they can confide in, ask prayers from, are attracted to?  Do they see a person who is alive with joy in faith, or someone who grumbles their way through the day?  Is there faith and hope in us?

Today: LOOK.  See others.  See how others look at you.  There will be healing.

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