Thinking out loud about blogging

As I mentioned, I am thinking/praying about the future of this blog.  I have often found it useful to make a pro/con list when trying to make decisions, and here it is:

Pros of continuing to blog (in no particular order):
  • creative outlet for me
  • honorable voices are needed more than ever
  • Catholic voices are needed more than ever
  • It's personal, and I think people relate to that.
  • It's unique - it doesn't fit any of the typical Catholic blog categories: "mommy blogs", "theological" blogs, etc.
Cons of continuing to blog:

  • time-consuming - it is hard work to create a blog that is unique and good, consistently
  • criticisms are getting meaner, and harder to take 
  • maybe it's TOO personal?
  • While it's unique, that's a "bad" thing too.  People looking for "mommy blogs", theology, etc., don't find it here.  It doesn't seem to "fit" anywhere....hmmmm.
  • After two years of really hard work, the blog is still not where I want it to be in terms of readership, active members, hits, etc. Either I'm doing something wrong, or it's time to move on...


  1. well i would miss you, cause you are one that i visit each day and really enjoy you. i have never written a comment before but felt i should tell you as i would be sad to see you go.

  2. Why don't you make it private? You can choose who sees your blog.

  3. Mrs. C: I thought about that. However, I DO want to engage people of opposing viewpoints, different beliefs and backgrounds, etc. I just want the discourse to be civil. Perhaps I am asking too much...?

  4. You do? With a header and blog name like yours I'd say you're being entirely unrealistic.

  5. Hm, I am often unrealistic, Von, but to what are you specifically referring?


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