25 Years

Today is our 25th wedding anniversary. I can't believe 25 years have passed since I walked down that aisle to meet the man I couldn't wait to spend my life with. I don't remember being nervous or worried about anything that day - I was just so excited that I was going to be MARRIED to him. It was a wonderful Mass, a wonderful day of friends and family, and a joyful celebration. My daddy walked me down that aisle and handed me off to the only man that I thought measured up to my father.

We didn't have a dime then, so we never had a honeymoon. We just moved into our little apartment, and I had so much fun organizing our wedding gifts into the cupboards and shelves. One night, we mentally removed all the furniture that had been given to us to see what we really "owned": we were left with a second hand dining room table and our mattress.

I had about $40 a week for groceries, which was plenty, but I still worried over the list and then walked to the store and back.

Although we'd been together for 3 1/1 years, that first year was such a year of discovery and fun. I realized he didn't talk at the dinner table - he'd been taught not to as a child. For me, the dinner table was where you met at the end of the day to report the day's news, share events, yack, yack, yack....and he was silent. That was funny - and frustrating - to me.

Oh, I thought I'd get pregnant right away. And I didn't. And didn't. And didn't. And the realization of infertility slowly dawned.

25 years? Oh, my gosh. My prayer today is that we have at least 25 more...because it really hasn't been enough time yet with the most wonderful man in the world.

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