An Adoption Story

There is still a lot of stigma and misconception surrounding adoption in our society. People often think it's a big mystery, or that adopted kids are destined to have troubled lives, or that adoption always costs enormous amounts of money and is therefore only for the wealthy. It's great when a celebrity can call attention to adoption in a positive way.

Rodney Atkins, a country singer, was himself adopted, and has used his celebrity to draw attention to this issue.

Atkins has not been taking the gift he was given for granted. He has used his platform as a country musician to step into the role of a spokesman for the National Council for Adoption. He has chosen to speak out so that other children might be given the same chance he was given and so that other mothers might make the same sacrifice that his made. In the AP article, Atkins recognized his birth mother’s courage and said that he could never give back to her as much as she gave to him. In addition, Atkins has used his music career to raise $5,000,000 for the children’s home he lived at before his adoption.

The more we talk about the appealing aspects of adoption, the joy of adoptive parenthood and the goodness of being an adopted child, the more we will advance adoption as a viable alternative to abortion.

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