Imagine Sisters Movement

With a Facebook page and a Youtube video, this movement has taken off, with the intention of giving young women an opportunity to explore religious life.

I hang out with a group of Sisters, and count them among my best friends. When people who are unfamiliar with nuns find this out, their reaction is often "Oh, it would be so boring to be a nun...." I have to laugh. I don't know one single boring nun.

The history of Sisters in the United States alone is staggering: they've built hospitals, schools, nursing homes and social service agencies.They launched into - literally - the wilderness to bring Christ to new territories. They've marched for civil rights, pro-life issues, peace and justice. They've taught kids to sing, spell and star-gaze. They administer parishes. They counsel and advise, empathize and prod, help new life into the world and accompany the dying into the next.

They are the face of Christ to many, and it is a noble and worthy life. Share the video - especially with the young ladies in your life.

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