My heart is full.

Tomorrow, our family celebrates Curly-haired Daughter's graduation. Tonight, all five of my babies are sleeping under this roof. The past six months have been horrible, amazing, crazy, tearful, faithful, faithless, agonizing, graceful. We muddle along, arguing and struggling, together. We don't agree, we do agree. We love and argue. We sin and forgive. We eat and drive. We do laundry and chores. We slack off. We wander off and come back together.

We are God's poor little children, huddled together under one roof. How blessed I am.

Out of the depths you cryCome and be satisfiedFather you sing
Father, you sing over Your children
Let us see through Your eyes
We are Your great delight
Father you sing
Father, you sing over Your children.
Matt Maher, "Sing Over Your Children"

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