Olympic Fever!

Watching the Olympics is a favorite sport at our house (except for the ice skaters - they make me too nervous.) With the Summer Olympics just a day away, we are getting our popcorn bowls ready and anticipating each victory and heartbreak that the Olympic games bring.

Can't wait to see more of Lolo Jones, a 29 year old runner who's been getting press for her life off the track as well as on:

In an interview with Access Hollywood , Lolo - who emphasized that she's single by choice -- admitted that she gets tired of people on Twitter asking why she's not dating anyone."That's one of the main reasons, because literally there are so many people who aren't willing to wait for their future spouse. They want to have sex now, they want to hook up," Lolo - who has openly spoken about being a virgin -- said. "That's their life. My life is something else."
Beauty, brains, commitment, speed: can't wait to watch Lolo take on the world!

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