Things That Will Lead Me to Spend a VERY Long Time in Purgatory

1. Plastic packaging. I swear, I stab, I tear, I swear some more. I still can't get the &*%# stuff open.
2. Legos. Stepping on those things creates a feast of cursing.
3. Chocolate. I crave it. Dream of it. Let's just say it: I lust for it.
4. The instructions for a new purchasing program at work. I am 99% sure aliens wrote this, then it was translated to English via Swahili by someone who spoke neither language and was just using a dictionary.
5. My own stupidity and sinfulness. Why, oh why, do I do the same dumb, thoughtless, arrogant things over and over?

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  1. I agree with all of those and more. For me, add cats. We have two of them, and I am a cat person, but I want to kill them most days.

    I recently saw a hint for opening those plastic packages with a manual can opener. I haven't tried it, but it looks like it works.


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