Three Good Things Thursday

(Confession: It's a little hard to come up with these today. Feeling a bit blue...)

1. Road trips, good friends, the gift of time together. I got to visit a dear friend in KY this past week. What a joy!

2. America's heartland. For some reason, my GPS decided I needed to travel through the countryside of Indiana on my way home. I was a bit annoyed at first, but frankly, away from the truck traffic on the interstate, it was such a joy to go through small towns, with the American flag flying, local businesses, roadside stands with farm produce, and everyday people doing everyday things in the best country on Earth.

3. My kids. They are funny, sweet, annoying, thoughtful, smart. Turning out better than I ever dreamed during those long hard days of their childhood when I was logging miles between speech therapists, psychologists, social workers and schools.

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