Giddy with Art(Prize)

"Buddies" by Marlaina Taylor, 2012 ArtPrize
Grand Rapids, MI, is a great place to live - for many reasons. However, a couple of years ago, with the backing of Rick DeVos, a social and artistic experiment known as ArtPrize began, and has made GR a truly exciting place. ArtPrize takes art to the streets in a huge way: exposing the public to art - in so many forms - and allowing people to interact with not just the art but the artists.

If you'd had the chance to take part in ArtPrize (you don't just "go" to ArtPrize; you participate), count yourself blessed. If you haven't, plan a trip to GR. Not only would we love to have you, you'll be amazed at the art, the city, the atmosphere that is ArtPrize.

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