Total Rip-Off Tuesday

Wherein I "rip-off" another writer. Not taking credit, just sharing good stuff. Today's choice: a terrific interview with author Eric Metaxas, where he addresses the current HHS mandate:

So in the case of the HHS Mandate, it is as if the Obama Administration is asking: how many divisions does the Pope have? Who are these hyper serious, ridiculous Catholics who care about contraception? The administration doesn’t care about them. These faithful Catholics do not matter to the state. They act as if they don’t need their support. They are probably not
going to vote for us anyway, so we can pick them off, and we can confuse the theologically ignorant Catholic population and the Protestant population into thinking that this issue does not matter to them. This is where we have to say no. The government is making a mistake, a terrible mistake which threatens America itself, not just religious freedom.

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