Are you interested in Truth?

I was reading an article about Rob Bell this morning. He's kind of a minor celebrity where I live: founder of a local megachurch and master of media in the evangelical realm. His most recent contribution was a book that questioned the existence of Hell.

In the article, a woman who joined his church was quoted: “I was looking for a form of Christianity that is real, gritty, and matches the experience of my life—and I found what I was looking for here. We talk about the issues that we all face here and how faith makes a difference; it’s real, it’s powerful and it gives me hope for the church.”

That's interesting to me. She was looking for a "form" of Christianity, something that "matched" her experiences. She was looking for a church that "fit" her life.

I can hear the echo of Pilate: "What is Truth?"

I know this is a common phenomenon in today's church experience. "I'm going to find a church that fits me and my life. Something that speaks to me. A church I feel a connection to." It's an emotional game, and a good one. Lots of folks base their spiritual lives on this feeling and connection.

But what about Truth?

Christ did not found a Church to make us comfortable and feel good. He didn't ask us to follow Him on a path that "matches our experiences". "Take up your cross and follow Me" is not about us at all. In fact, doesn't Christ ask us to empty ourselves in order to be His Disciples - to discount all our allegiances in this world, undo our ties to our "wordly riches" - whatever they may be - and follow Him on the road to Calvary?

It's nice to sit in church and feel comfortable, safe, and hopeful. But is the church you're sitting in the Church Christ founded? Is it telling you the Truth? Or is it just "matching your experiences"?


  1. Thank you so much for this post Elise, it helps to know that others are thinking about where our churches are going. God help us keep Him the center of all we do and teach our congregation. It is not an easy life that God calls us to.

    Zoanne Brugger Clark

  2. Hey,Zoanne! Thanks for the comment. It is easy to make church about us and not Him - and it's not an easy life to be a Christian.

  3. I believe that it is Fulton J. Sheen that I paraphrase in spekaing of his role as a pastor - I am to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.


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