Heading off on a little trip, and possibly an abortion

Last night, I was using Google maps to locate a hotel for a brief trip Dear Husband I have to make. I found a couple of likely spots and typed the address of one into Google maps to see if the location was suitable.

The hotel came up with that familiar red balloon, along with major roads, parks.....and Planned Parenthood. Yup, that's right. Google wants to make sure that I know where to get an abortion on a weekend getaway. They didn't point out historical landmarks, the local library or other major points of interest, but I know where to get an abortion between a trip to the mall and a quick dip in the hotel pool.

It's an open secret that Google is a huge financial backer of Obama's and it's no secret that Obama has a mutual love affair with Planned Parenthood.

What can I say? Insidious. Evil. Disgusting.


  1. It's insane that Planned Parenthood is just so prevalent. Why are we as a society content to turn our heads and look away?

  2. I'll tell ya, that headline was definitely an attention-grabber! Posting this to my FB page!

  3. Hi Elise -- I happen to be pro-choice, and Planned Parenthood has NEVER showed up on a Google map for me (and I Google addresses and directions all the time). I think a likely explanation is that Google (and Twitter, and FaceBook, if you use those) has 'learned' that you write a lot about abortion and Planned Parenthood (and possibly search those words on Google a lot) -- but is too crude to 'learn' that you are opposed to abortion -- it just thinks that's 'of interest' to you. In my own case, I spend a lot of time on a cancer support board, and communication FB with members of that 'club' as well -- so I'm always getting pop-up ads for 'bucket list trips', medications, medical supplies, etc. I don't like that either! What I think is truly insidious is how anyone who uses the Internet is being 'data-mined.'. Just a thought! Ann

  4. Ann, that is certainly not something I had thought of. However, it is true that Google is one of the largest donators to Obama, who has made it clear that he wants Planned Parenthood to expand.

    Thanks for your most polite input.


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