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From Acts of the Apostasy: the Top Ten Rejected Catholic Hymns -

AoftheA recently spoke with the publishers of OCP, and they were kind enough to provide us with a whole stack of rejected compositions.  The staff went through each one – with great suffering, mind you – and chose the Top Ten Rejected Catholic Hymns of 2012 (in no particular order).

10.  Hell Hath Emptied, All Souls Released
9. Jesus, Be My Honey Boo Boo
8. I’m Your Sunday Disciple
7. Give Me Proof, O Lord, And Maybe I’ll Believe
6. Heaven’s Doors Stand Wide
5. Gimme That Wafer, Gimme That Wine
4. That Ol’ Vatican Two Spirit
3. Martin Luther, Prince Of Faith
2. Lost In The Lord’s Labyrinth Of Love
1. Affirm Me In My Goodness (Tell Me I’m Alright)

Do you have a favorite?

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