Total Rip-Off Tuesday: Paul Ryan's Rosary

Wherein I "rip-off" another writer on the web. Not taking credit, of course, just passing on good stuff. Sorry, folks, but I'm posting election news: the Rosary in Paul Ryan's pocket.

Prayer has sustained Republican vice presidential candidate Rep. Paul D. Ryan through his long days of campaigning; he keeps a rosary in his pocket and says the serenity prayer every morning.
That’s what Ryan told a tele-town-hall organized by the Faith and Freedom Coalition Sunday night as he made a closing appeal to faith-based voters two days before the election. 
 “As you can imagine, we pray throughout the day. ... It keeps us humble, it keeps us strong, it keeps us in a good place,” Ryan said in answer to a question about how his faith has gotten him through the campaign. “I’m one of those people who don’t think you can separate your faith from your public life as a public official and your private life.”

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