Here's the thing about families...and blogs...

I do not write a news blog, a political blog, a "mom" blog, a blog that focuses mainly on Church politics or one that is about reading. It isn't a knitting blog or a blog about pets. While I am interested in all those things, and all of those things are part of who I am, that's not my blog.

My blog is about what it is like to struggle through suffering in a spiritual manner, trying to get through life's ups and downs while remaining faithful to God and His Church.

I don't write in a vacuum; no one does. I also don't write fiction - what you see here is what you get. I've written some things that didn't turn out the way I wanted them to, and written some things that I probably should have done differently.

When I was learning to write - and write well - Mr. Colebank back at Coleman High School drilled into my head to write what I know. Sometimes you don't know what you know until you start writing, but you write what you know.

Here's what I know: I know my family, my faith, myself. That's what I write about. I try to keep my children semi-anonymous, but of course, in this world of Google-Bing-Facebook information, it's not too tough to figure things out. I write things that piss people off, get me death threats, have people pray for me, move others to tears.

This past week I pissed off a family member. I removed the post, but that doesn't take away the piss-iness. My intentions were not bad, but the path to Hell and all that.

However, I'm gonna keep on doing what I do. I realize I don't have a large following, and my blog is often more a diary for myself than anything else. I pray that God blesses what I do here.

And a warning to my family and friends: Be careful what you say to me. I'll probably blog about it.


  1. You can write whatever you want about yourself and your immediate family, but when you comments encroach on another's privacy it is wrong.

  2. Elise,

    "And a warning to my family and friends: Be careful what you say to me. I'll probably blog about it." I say that all the time!

    I got myself into trouble once with one of my stories. Like you, it was unintentional. I also removed the post but bad feelings are not so easy to erase. In my case, my sense of humour was not appreciated. Unfortunately not everyone laughs at the same things. Sorry to hear you've had a bad reaction to a post.

    God bless!


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