I guess I have to make some resolutions....

I don't like making resolutions. Mostly because I don't keep them. But I guess I should, since every other blogger is doing it. So here are my 2013 resolutions:

  1. Keep up with Grumpy Cat. He's my kinda guy.
  2. Never, ever read anything about Charlie Sheen again.
  3. Try to find a game - other than bowling - that I can actually excel at on the Wii.
  4. Read more. But that's hard. I really like knitting. Find a balance between the two?
  5. Keep on trying to figure out how to parent children who are over 18. Yeah, that should be a breeze....
  6. Say evening prayers. I'm really good about morning prayers, but not so much at night.
  7. Tell people that I love, "I love you" more. They need to know.
  8. Find new and different music to listen to. Suggestions are welcome.
  9. Try to remember not to hunch my shoulders with tension all the time. Maybe shoot for 80% of the time. Trust me, that would be an improvement.
  10. Watch at least one stupid SciFi channel a month with Dear Husband. They make us laugh.

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