You are what you have on your desk

NOT my cubicle.
Has it ever occurred to you that you are what you have on your desk, or perhaps your bedside table? I think it can be very telling.

I live in cubicle land, and I rather like it. I like that I have this little space that's all my own, but I still get to talk to co-workers. Privacy but not secluded...sorta.

One of my co-workers is a piler - you know, piles and piles of files and files. Works for her.

Another one has an immaculate desk with just a touch of personalization: a photo or two.

Mine looks exactly like me - it's pretty clean, but there's a lot going on! There's also an outstanding array of literature, prayer, pictures, religions, writing instruments (even though I only really like that ONE pen), a rosary, a New Testament in Chinese, a Nancy Drew book, a picture of a slow loris (look it up), quotes from fave authors, a to-do-to-do-to-do goes on. But there's space to work and it makes me happy to look around.

If you didn't know me, you could look at my desk and get a pretty decent idea of who I am.

What's on your desk?

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