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Total Rip-off Tuesday

When I grow up, I'm gonna look just like....

Mary Cassatt Monday

"I have always depended on the kindness of strangers."

My daughter....

Total Rip-off Tuesday

Not much to blog daughter is missing

Meet Malcolm

Mary Cassatt Monday

A pain in the neck, offering up a sacrifice and an adoption story

Sleepy Saturday

Thinkin' about Lent

Parenting "hard children" and making hard decisions

3 Good Things Thursday

Blurring the lines between humanity and technology

Vatican news site: have you visited?

Biblical Illumination

Martyrdom and Christianity

Total Rip-off Tuesday

Blogging about blogging

Remembering the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Mary Cassatt Monday

Adoption - a few things to share

Caught in the gaze of Christ

Winter, finally

For love of books and bookstores

Haiti - resurrected

Adventures in Prayer

3 Good Things Thursday

Sigh...such beauty!

Biblical Illuminations

What's in a name?

But that's so mean!

Total Rip-off Tuesday

Support your local blogger!

How does the pope get to be pope?

Desert time

Mary Cassatt Monday

"There are so many things wrong with this," she said, sadly shaking her head

3 Good Things Thursday

As the mother of five wildly imperfect children...

Light blogging, but a thought to ponder

Perhaps, if you really HAD read my blog, you'd have saved yourself some time.....

Musings on the Universal Church, the dead and the living

Lessons learned from Nancy Drew

Holy Name of Jesus

Coffee with Jesus

Total Rip-off Tuesday

Ah, how lady-like!

Peace for 2012

Mary Cassatt Monday