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As if to prove my point about living in tough times:

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Pardon me...

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Mardi Gras 1956

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Where does your right stop and mine begin?

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Mardi Gras!

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For the feast of St. Valentine

Total Rip-off Tuesday

Why I eat oatmeal for Lent, and hate every minute of it

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof

Mary Cassatt Monday

Suffering and the Cross

Catholics and Contraception

Crap, I'm tired....


Liebster Blog: Love is in the air!

3 Good Things Thursday

St. Josephine Bakhita

Still don't think Obama hates us Catholics? Read this. UPDATED: LINK FIXED

Just 25 more "likes" on FB and....

The American Presidency: does one deserve it, or is it an honor bestowed?

I KNEW there was a reason my teenager was acting like that!

Total Rip-off Tuesday

It's a bad time to be Catholic...or is it?

Patronage of St. Edith Stein - Christ and the Cross

Faith, Freedom and Economics: Acton University

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Mary Cassatt Monday

What constitutes "health care"?

Stabat Mater

Prayers for those in the Consecrated Life

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Letting others pray for you