Stars in my eyes and laughing so hard stuff comes out my nose

If you're old, do you remember that "Brady Bunch" episode where Marcia is totally over the moon about Davey Jones, and gets him to play at a school dance?

Yeah, that's how I felt when I got to meet John Zmirak last summer. He's the author of the "Bad Catholic" books (Bad Catholics Guide to Good Living, Seven Deadly Sins, Catechism....)

Well, besides the new book, he's got a ridiculous website to explore. (You'll know you in the right place because of the bingo hall, the mom with a dozen kids and a beagle hanging off of her, and Fulton Sheen reading off the Bingo numbers.) Where else are you going to get advice on how to train your gargoyle? Plus, I bet you never knew about the Vatican space program.....

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