Total Rip-off Tuesday: Magdalen

Wherein I "rip-off" another writer. Not taking credit, just sharing good stuff. Today's choice is Madeleine L'Engle and her poem, "Magdalen". I wonder how many women can identify with this.
Mary Magdalen Approaching the Tomb - Giovanni Giraldo Salvado

I sold that which is forever and unspeakably priceless.
I was paid for that which can only be given away.
Asked for my reasons I stood, strangely struck voiceless.
A cloud unexpectedly darkened the brilliant day.

I turned from the cushions, the perfumes, the endless lying.
Hunger meant nothing; I was replete at last.
I think I was born, yet I know that this is dying.
I eat of the feast as I turn away for the fast.

In fear, in joy, I lose myself in the finding.
The lusts of the body are shriven, the flesh is new.
Fresh grave clothes are all my selfish self is binding.
Lord! This is my body which I would give for you.

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