Really thoughtful article on infertility:
The infertile will still be mourning their lack of children this side of the grave, but – as C. S. Lewis made so clear in his writings – everything in this world is just a pale reflection of the realities of Heaven. The biological motherhood and fatherhood, that we are missing in this life, will be given to us a hundredfold in the next. This is not an empty promise, but a reality we can taste here at moments, though it remains opaque in its fullness.
How this spiritual motherhood and fatherhood manifests itself depends on the couple’s vocation. They may be involved in teaching, or saving babies’ lives through their pro-life work, or helping single mothers; they may be doctors, nurses or be giving themselves in other, less visible ways in a Carmel; even picking up a pin-needle out of love for God, as St Thérèse of Lisieux said, can be a salvific act. Hence spiritual parenthood is in reach for everybody.

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