Isn't Lent dreary?

photo by Dan Jurak
Ugh. Lent. You have to get to confession, give up something you really like, scrape all your change into the Rice Bowl, do the whole fish on Fridays thing...And if you're like most Catholics, you're trying to get in some extra prayer and spiritual reading.

And it's hard.

There's still the job, and the dog, and soccer practice, and you don't like fish, you really want a piece of chocolate, you're trying hard to be charitable and then you overhear some inane conversation on the bus between two people who are discussing how humans have "devolved" from early Native Americans who totally accepted homosexual activity, and you just want to scream: "You're an idiot!"

Or maybe that's just me.

Lent. It's hard and dreary. It's lonely, even though we're all in it together, we do it alone. Our failures are ours to own. We check the calendar for Easter and spring, and it's so far away. So much time between here and the Resurrection.

What to do? Really, there is only one thing to do: pray harder. Pray really hard. Pray for yourself, for your spouse, your family. Pray for those idiots on the bus (okay, I'll pray for the idiots on the bus...) Pray for the Church.

Lent IS dreary. Hell is worse. Pray hard.

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