Life with an Irish Catholic Mother

I wrote a while ago about things my dad had taught me. My mom, who is still alive and kicking, has taught me a lot too. My mom is a lot different than my dad. My dad was definitely a quieter guy, fun to be around, but not gregarious. He kept a lot to himself.

Mom, being an Irish Catholic, has lived her life with a completely different set of rules. Here are some of them:

1. Don't go anywhere without a Rosary. And pray it; it isn't there for decoration.
2. Whiskey is medicinal.
3. Do not suffer fools lightly.
4. The Catholic Church is yours. It is not the domain of the priest, some nun dressed in an ill-fitting suit, or a renegade bishop. Don't let any of them hijack your faith.
5. Never pass up the opportunity to hold a baby.
6. The first rule of a successful marriage is knowing when to keep your mouth shut.
7. Mothers are mothers, not friends.
8. Be a lady. But keep in mind that "lady" does not mean push-over, patsy, idiot, or doormat.
9. Dress for church.
10. The greatest gift you can give is your prayer.
11. Baseball is a great sport. Her addiction has been passed down, mostly to the ladies in the family.

She's a pretty incredible woman. 

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