Mama, don't let your babies grow up to be religion majors....

Yahoo Education cheerfully warns us not to "allow" our children study these majors: architecture, fine arts, philosophy/religion, anthropology/archeology, film/video/photography. Apparently, these majors don't have "market value".

Now, I know that you want your kid to get a good education, and presumably, a job with which they are satisfied. But "market value"? Does that mean I should not encourage my children to follow a passion, just to chase a paycheck?

I have not one but TWO degrees in religion: a B.A. and then, because that wasn't enough geekiness, an M.A. And I have a job. A good job, that I like, that I utilize my education for.

Do I make as much as a surgeon? No, but I don't want to be a surgeon. I don't make as much as a public school teacher...but that's not where I'm supposed to be. I am where I am because I followed my passion...I prayed about what God wanted for me to do, and I believe He has blessed me for that.

Just like I don't think you should "make" your 6 year old play soccer if he hates soccer because you think it's good for him, or make your 10 year old suffer through piano lessons that she clearly abhors, I don't think you should be telling your 20 year old to become an accountant when he wants to study theater design.

But then, I'm a religion major.

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