Watch OUT!!

There are times in your life when you see a friend or family member heading for a fall off a cliff. It's so plain, you cannot imagine how they themselves don't see it. You reach out to them, grab for them, yell out a warning....and they keep happily toddling towards the precipice.

It's frustrating, it's maddening, it's scary....and there is not a damn thing you can do. Except pray.

Most of us come to the realization that we can't make choices for other people. We can advise, cajole, admonish and guide, but we can't choose. What's even more upsetting is when you *think* that person is on the right path, and then they swerve, u-turn, fall off the wagon.

The Church tells us we are to admonish the sinner. And we must. Then, the sinner has to take responsibility. That's the tough part.

For me, over the past few weeks, this means not only watching someone make choices that I think are not only poor but possibly dangerous, it means suffering the erosion of a friendship. The hurt of that is so hard. I've been trying to put words to it, and I can't. It's not really a betrayal to me, but rather a betrayal of that person to themselves. I cannot imagine that the choices this person is making is what God intends, as it is so destructive.

I know that praying for someone is no small thing, but it feels like trying to grab them off the precipice with my hands tied - as if I'm not doing quite enough. Of course, that's not true; it's the frustration of the situation.

So, they will likely fall. And get hurt. I hope prayers soften the blows, and that the results aren't devastating. I posted the signs, I yelled out the's out of my hands.

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