Faith, forgiveness, and our duty to those around us

I posted below a video of  Marina Nemat, a petite, dark-haired, soft-spoken lady who was tortured mercilessly and imprisoned at the age of 16 under the Khomeini regime. We are roughly the same age. While I was figuring out what to wear to high school dances, memorizing lines for plays, writing poetry, and learning to drive, Marina was being beaten and raped.

After nearly three years, she was released. She tells her story in two books: Prisoner of Tehran and After Tehran: A Life Reclaimed. I urge you to watch the video and read both her books.

I won't spoil the video for you, but for me, the most powerful part of her talk was her discussion of our responsibility to each other. She spoke very strongly, reminding us that we are responsible for the evil that exists in the world, and we cannot stand idly by while others are being unjustly imprisoned, forgotten, tortured, tired, alone. She drew strength during her imprisonment by thinking of Christ, and his torture and death.

We must, she said, be Christ to all. Again, watch the video, and read the books.

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