"May you live in interesting times"

Some of you will recognize the quote of this blog title as a Chinese curse - living in interesting, rather than benign times - is considered a curse. And yet, here we are.

I know many are despairing about the Supreme Court decision on Wednesday. Fear not, as Christ said, and as Bl. John Paul II reminded us at the beginning of his papacy.

"All past persecutors of the Church are now no more, but the Church still lives on. The same fate awaits modern persecutors; they, too, will pass on, but the Church of Jesus Christ will always remain, for God has pledged His Word to protect Her and be with Her forever, until the end of time." - St. John Bosco

Don't be a pouty-faced Christian.

What to do? I'm no expert and I'm no saint, but here is what history has taught us:
  1. Stop being wimpy about the Faith. Don't shut up. Be kind, but be firm: Here is what we believe and why, and I intend to live my life this way
  2. Be as holy as possible. Pray. Pray for  yourself, your family, your persecutors, the Church and our leaders.
  3. Sacrifice. We all know what our problem areas are: pick one and give it up. For many of us, we suffer daily because of physical ailments; follow the example of the saints and offer up those ailments to the glory of God.
  4. Take great hope in the lives of the saints. Ask them to pray as well, especially those who knew persecution of the Church in their lives.
  5. Read and be knowledgeable. You cannot defend the Church and her beliefs if you do not know them.
  6. Live in hope. It is truly what Christ wants of us.
  7. Be joyful. You are not going to attract anyone to the Truth of Christ if you're miserable and you show it.
We are Christians, marked in the Sign of Faith from our baptism forward. Our souls belong to Christ - truly we have reason to rejoice!
Be joyful!


  1. Amen! ~ Rosemary in Ohio

  2. Thank you! Your post was what I needed today! ~ Rosemary in Ohio


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