Parish life

Dear Husband and I had dinner last night at our church. It was the "Stockholders' Dinner" for our youth group: you buy "stock" from a particular youth to help fund their activities throughout the year, and then they host a dinner for all the stockholders.

It was great fun. The kids acted as hosts, seating us, serving us, and telling us about different conferences and events they'd been to. It was clear from their comments that they'd been impacted by their time at Steubenville, a monastery, and other experiences they'd had.

We had a great turnout for our small-town parish, and that is not unusual. We have a very lively little parish, a very social one, and we enjoy these types of events quite frequently. Our kids have grown up with our church as the center of not only our spiritual lives but our social lives as well. That's how it should be.

This morning, I'm giving thanks for our beautiful parish, Holy Family.

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