"We need abortion because pregnancy makes us fat"

I only wish I made this stuff up. From a blog:

By the end, none of my shoes fit over my swollen feet. It’s not a medical concern, but not everyone can readily afford to just turn over a wardrobe twice in less than a year, especially when there are all these exciting new expenses for baby clothes and supplies.

Nearly a month after the birth, I still can’t fit into my pre-maternity clothes or bear to wear a real bra, and I’m really glad that I don’t have to show up anywhere looking professional for a little while yet. If I can’t be somewhere in an outfit that includes a nursing tank right now, I can’t be there.

She goes on to say that, "...it’s wrong and inhumane to make light of how difficult it is to 'just have the baby,' as anti-choice extremists say everyone should have to do."

I don't know any woman who's ever given birth who has made "light" of the experience. It's hard! It's painful! It's uncomfortable! But justification for abortion?

I spent the past few days visiting my mom. She's 88 and slowing down, gently. We talked about some options for her as she gets closer to the time when she can't care for herself completely or at all. Getting old isn't for sissies; neither is pregnancy. However, I never suggested euthanizing my mother, nor did she request it. My brother will check in on her more frequently, one of my nieces will do her cleaning and make meals for her a few times a week, and we'll go from there.

During those same days, Dark-haired Daughter got to spend time with my nieces and nephews and their kids - chasing them around, playing, having fun, watching them as their parents were busy with canning and working on a new house. I reminded one of my nieces that whenever her mom had a new baby, I would go and spend a few days helping out. In turn, my nieces and nephews did a lot of helping when my kids were young, and now my kids are chasing THEIR kids....and so it goes.

I have no experience of being pregnant, but I do know how horrible it is to drag one's self out of bed for the third time one night, how much control it takes when the kid spills the milk AGAIN, or when a sixteen year old gets lippy and belligerent for reasons no one on earth can fathom.

Difficulty and hardship are not reasons to kill, whether it is a baby, an elderly parent or a teen. Thanks be to God, because my family would have killed me many, many times over....

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