Noah, Rainbows, Vacations and A Moment

We were visiting friends in WI for a few days. Technically, it was a vacation, but it wasn't a "let's run around and do stuff" vacation. It was more a "let's read on the front porch and pet the dog" vacation.

Our friends have two boys, both of whom are Dear Husband's godsons. We don't see them nearly often enough and (as they say) they grow so fast. The younger boy, Noah, especially enjoyed spending time with our youngest. Now, Noah is six and our youngest is 6'5". They were a delightful pair, playing Legos together.

One evening, the boys went out to kick the soccer ball around the front yard, and Noah (befittingly) spotted a rainbow. It was such a lovely moment, a true vacation moment - just hanging out, enjoying each other's company and taking time to see God's glory. That's why vacations are important.

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