Really?? Come try out an actual life, and let's see about "cool, calm, collected"

Jennifer Aniston's yoga coach is crediting yoga for Jen's (can I call you "Jen"?) ability to look so fabulous at the age of 40-something and for staying calm, cool and collected under the pressure's of her life.

Let's see. Jen's rich, makes movies that no one watches, has no husband, no children, oodles of time to work out, pay a trainer, a chef, etc. Hell, I'd be cool, calm and collected, too.

Jen, here's an offer: Let's switch for a month. You come deal with my five kids, one of whom is mentally ill and cognitively impaired, our house that needs every update imaginable, the monthly juggling of bills, the jobs, the endless calendar updating and who-needs-to-be-where-when, the pets, the elderly parent, the cars that are essentially mobile money pits, chronic pain, sleep apnea, heart arrhythmia, church and family commitments....well, you get the idea.

You can still do your yoga, but you'll have to do it sandwiched in between work, an evening meeting, while the dog licks your face and at least one kid interrupts you constantly, while you're thinking about what everyone can eat for dinner.

Calm, cool, collected. The offer stands.

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