Silence and God

Our own silence is not disagreeable to God; it does not repel him. He listens to the longing deep wihtin our soul. with God we musst learn a new language of love in whch words are often unnecessary.

Tired words leaking from an ashen heart, words that sound like a reproach toward our soul, reminding us what cannot be attained without love - would it not be better to accept defeat and stop praying? Remaining in silence can seem a surrender to emptiness, a refusal of effort. But sometimes no wods are necessary to express our desire to God. Our longing for him hides beneath words. A bedraggled, branded spirit may be the reality of the day, the humbling truth of the current hour. But it does not preclude a cry of love from the silent core of our being...

There is in a sense no option. One cannot seek God after a while except inside a greater density of interior silence in prayer where there is no help from words, no distinct utterance that would predictably cast open a door. The soul can only wait in a poverty of speech. - Father Donald Haggerty

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