Being Pro-Life...Especially When Things Are All Wrong

My heart broke last night. I have a young friend, married, with children. She and her husband were actually introduced to me by Tallest Son, and the young woman, A., and I have developed a warm relationship.

She is working to finish her education, being a busy mom, and scrapping by as most young couples do. A. is sweet and warm, smart and empathetic.

I noticed on her Facebook that she'd been exploring different churches in our area, trying to find one that suited her. It started a conversation, and I asked a question that led someplace that broke my heart.

Rather than answering my question on Facebook, A. sent me a private message. She told me that (in answer to my question) she wouldn't consider a Catholic church. When she and her husband were engaged, they had attended RCIA. During the course of the program, it became apparent that she was pregnant. The director of the RCIA program pulled the two of them aside and told them that due to her "condition," they had to leave the program.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us. Is this how we are going to be pro-life?

To make matters worse, A. was pregnant because she had been raped. She gave birth to the child that was conceived due to the rape, and placed the child for adoption. She and her fiance' then married.

My heart was broken for them, for the Church, for all of the missed opportunities. On this day, Feb. 22, this Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children, let's pray hard for unborn children and the women who find themselves in unwanted, unplanned, difficult pregnancies.

And let's do a better job ministering to them all.

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