Praying for the Homeless

It's really cold. Like below 0, wind chills in the negative numbers, frostbite cold. From my window at work, I see homeless folks all day long. They gather in the park across the street, they wait by the city's library doors, waiting for them to open at 9 a.m. The shelters, which are a few blocks away, will try and remain open during these terribly cold days, but they normally are closed during the daytime. So many of them don't want to be inside...

Let's pray for the homeless today, whether they are in the cold or heat, whether they choose a shelter or not.

Bless the homeless, this day and everyday, keep them from physical and emotional harm, fill their hearts with hope for the future and for today, comfort the homeless as they walk their difficult paths. May I know that anyone, even me, can be homeless. 
Bless the homeless with enough food to sustain them, with enough warmth to shield them from the elements, with the power to wrestle personal demons and win, with the will to go on, and build their lives again. 
May hope touch each homeless heart, spirit and life, let the kindness of others bring lasting benefits, bring freedom from addiction, illness and misery, open their humanity to include & embrace themselves. 
Bless the homeless with self acceptance and love, spark their imaginations with belief in the future, bringing the possibility of a better life, a safer life and a more secure life.

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