Suffering counts

Raymond Arroyo and me

I just got done listening to the fabulous Raymond Arroyo speak here at the Acton Institute. What a pleasure! He reminded me of two things.

Humor counts. Engaging people with grace and humor goes so far. When we are cross and dour (my favorite high school teacher used to say "long-faced Christians"), who is going to listen to the Good News?

Second, suffering counts. He reminded us that Mother Anjelica (who founded the Catholic tv station EWTN) suffered terribly for most her life: twisted spine, asthma, heart problems. Yet, she was joyful, because she knew that her suffering counted. Raymond (I can call him "Raymond" now!) quoted her, "If God chose to treat His Son this way, it's good enough for me."

Go forth: be joyful, even in suffering, and share the Good News!

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