They grow up, and get smart

I just had a lovely lunch with Curly-Haired Daughter. We were celebrating her Happy Adoption Day (the day she came home to us.)

The food was superb and the atmosphere wonderful, but best of all was the enlightening conversation and a peek into the adult mindset my beautiful daughter is developing. We talked like adults!

When you're the mother of young children, all you can think of is that you are stuck in a non-ending cycle of wiping noses, cutting up food, folding laundry and running errands. The thought of talking to an adult is a vision you only hope for once in awhile.

I remember thinking, when my children were small, how long the days were...and how short the years are. It's bittersweet to sit across the table having lunch and conversing at such an intimate level with the little girl who used to invite me to her teddy bear tea parties. I guess that is the joy of it all.

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