Ash Wednesday: This winter of our discontent for our soul

"Homesick" - flickr member Artful Story
We should be discontent. We should be uncomfortable.

Our lives should feel like we just walked into the wrong party. We don't know anyone, we're dressed wrong, the food stinks, and the people are obnoxious.

We don't belong.

We are not supposed to be here.

This is not our party.

"My Kingdom is not of this world."

If we belong to Christ, then His Kingdom is ours. And that Kingdom is not this world. We're here as visitors, passing through, uncomfortable, out of sorts, trying to stumble through a foreign culture. We're the folks with the fanny packs, the knee socks with sandals, mispronouncing words on the menu as we whip out our English-to-whatever translator.

Lent is our time to pack, prepare. We're trying to get everything ready for our trip to the Kingdom. We've got a check list (we will - of course - forget something....) We know that there is a lot to do to get ready and we're already exhausted, even though the journey has just begun.

But we can't get to the Kingdom without this journey. This journey prepares us for everything that comes after.

This isn't our party. But we take off our coats, smile, take a nibble of the strange food, and make friends. Because even though we don't belong here, they don't either...only most of them don't know it. It's our job to tell them. Invite them along on the journey, be their tour guide and a good traveling companion.

"My Kingdom is not of this world." Thank God for that. And I sure hope I get my passport stamped by St. Peter one day.

Good Lent to you all.

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